beaker without and with FI-1000 ersosion polymer

Reduce soil and silt loss with soil erosion polymers

FI-1000 Soil Erosion Polymer

FI-1000 is an anionic high molecular weight polymer designed to reduce soil loss and silt loss in furrow irrigation applications. FI-1000 will increase water infiltration and reduce fertilizer and other chemical runoff. Similar materials have shown to reduce soil loss by up to 97%. The anionic polymer bonds the suspended particles in the water and they fall to the bottom of the water.

Reduces soil loss, reduces chemical and fertilizer runoff, increases water infiltration, cost effective, only one pound per acre.

Application Rate:
one pound per acre (12,000 gallons of water)

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Soil Erosion Polymer in use

FI-2000 Soil Erosion Polymer

FI-2000 is an anionic high molecular weigth water soluble polymer designed to reduce soil loss and silt loss in all aspects of agricultural irrigation. FI-2000 is an emulsion that can be applied to furrow, gated pipe, sprinkler and pivotal irrigation systems.

Reduces soil loss, chemical and fertilizer runoff. Increases water infiltration, reduces labor to repair furrows, and cost effective.

Application Rate:
30 ppm (30 parts per million). Treatment application varies upon soil, water properties and slope variances of the field to be treated.

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photo of untreated soil

Untreated soil

photo of soil treated with FI-2000

Soil treated with FI-2000

FI-3500 PAM Tablets

FI-3500 Tablets, are linear anionic tablets used where electric and machinery are not available for metering, pumping or dispensing devices for water channel applications. The product reduces soil loss, removes soil and clay particles from discharge water, reduces NTU values in water channel application.

FI-3500 tablets
FI-3500 water channel application

FI-3500 Tablets, water channel applications

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