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Help Wanted—Managing a Commercial Landscape Business with Smart Solutions

Labor Is Hard To Come By, But There's A Way To Significantly Reduce The Time Spent On Watering Plants Without Adding A Single Person To Payroll.

Help Wanted

Help wanted. These might be the most frequently used two words for businesses and municipalities today, given the demand for labor across all industries and an unprecedented economic phenomenon—otherwise known as the pandemic—during which stimulus checks and unemployment checks discouraged some individuals from returning to the workforce. Where does that leave property managers caring for HOAs, lifestyle centers, office parks and retail locations? And, what about cities that need dedicated staff to maintain public and park spaces? In a word: short.

The thing is, we know that an attractive, healthy landscape and manicured property attracts and retain tenants, beautifies communities and increases property values. But diligent maintenance and watering is required to sustain the health and vigor of container plantings, entryway flower beds, hanging baskets and other plant features that add curb appeal.

What's the answer?

Saving time, money and labor is possible with an eco-friendly product that is mixed into soil and basically "feeds" plants for you over the long-term.

Maximizing Soil's Water Retention

Soil Moist helps container plants.

The focus is on labor, but this directly relates to how soil performs. We know it sounds funny, but it's true. If soil can hold and time-release water to plants, then you can reduce the labor required to manually water containers, hanging baskets and beds. This is possible with an eco-friendly supplement that is polymer-based and is mixed into water you pour into the soil initially. It allows soil to hold 200 to 400 times its weight in water. Imagine how many times a crew would have to make rounds to apply this moisture to plants—and how much you'd pay them to do it. (Not to mention, where are you going to find these qualified workers in a pinch?)

Why Time Release is Healthy for Plants

You know what happens when you drench a dry hanging basket with water. The packed-in, thirsty soil absorbs what it can, but the void of nutrients and its compacted nature causes water to roll off the edge. There is another waste of time, money and resources. Time-release is critical to maintaining healthy soil and plants because it allows roots to absorb moisture when they need it, without risking root rot from too much water or stress from not enough. What's interesting is, you can actually apply a sustainable product that helps soil retain moisture and signals to roots when to "look" for water. This happens because the polymer product feels a slight pressure when roots require water, and then it reacts by releasing moisture into the soil from its stores. When it comes to managing and saving labor, you can cut down on watering time and the risk of over- or under-watering significantly.

The Solution—Soil Moist

A container of Soil Moist

We know you've been "sold" on many products and solutions as an owner or manager of property. And, let's face it—a lot of things just don't work. Or, they don't impact your bottom line, and you're charged with making decisions that are financially beneficial and promote your property, whether that's making a city or streetscape beautiful, or attracting tenants and residents. We also know it requires talent and time to achieve the type of grounds that accomplish that.

While there are no short-cuts, Soil Moist delivers the type of ROI you expect. It holds 200 to 400 times its weight in water. One pound of it holds 23 gallons of water. You only have to apply the water-Soil Moist mix every two years. And, you can reduce plant waterings by up to 50%. (That got your attention, didn't it?)

We don't have the answers to solve today's labor shortage. But we do have solutions to help you preserve the properties you care for and maximize the talent you do have on board. By using smart solutions like Soil Moist, you can allocate your people to other tasks than watering plants.

How's It Growing? JRM Wants to Know…

At JRM Chemical, our family operation is focused on creating environmentally friendly products that save resources. And, what more precious resource is there than water? We also believe in saving time, which is why we created products like Soil Moist to keep plants hydrated in a sustainable, effective way.

We're here to help. Check out our helpful how-to videos and peruse our full online catalog, and call anytime to ask us questions at 800-962-4010.

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