Scented Deco Beads

Scented water storing beads for crafts and floral arrangements

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Scented Deco Beads, Home Decor Aroma

Home decor aroma makes Scented Deco Beads irresistible to shoppers. Adding a choice of soft, pleasing fragrances, Scented Deco Beads offer the same ease, uses and advantages of Crystal Accents and Deco Beads and Cubes. Ideal for candle, silk or fresh flower arrangements and centerpieces for events and holidays year-round.

  • Easy to use - just add water.
  • 4 colors and aromas to choose
  • Each 1 oz retail packet makes 1 quart
  • Each 8 oz jar makes over 2 gallons of product
  • Less expensive and more attractive than marbles or stones
  • Less shelf space needed to merchandise product vs marbles
  • Non-toxic, environmentally safe
  • Swells up to more than 1/2 inch
photo of mint scented decobeads

4 Colors & Scents

Chart of 4 Scented Deco Beads colors and aromas


image of Scented Deco Beads packaging

From left to right: Scented Deco Beads 8 oz. jar, Scented Deco Beads retail packet; Scented Deco Beads shelf unit, 24-ct; Scented Deco Beads floor unit, 75-ct

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