flowers in a park

Water-storing polymer products save water, time and money

Retail Outlets

Florist, flower shop, garden center, etc.

JRM Chemical produces non-toxic, water-storing polymer products that keep fresh floral arrangements hydrated, while adding color and aesthetic appeal to silk flowers.

Crystal Accents, Deco Beads, and Deco Cubes bring function and dimension to floral and craft projects. Soil Moist reduces the need to water plants. Our range of polymer and decorative innovations are available for home and retail.

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Business / Commercial

Wholesale grower, landscaper, erosion control, etc.

Our full line of Soil Moist, mycorrhiza and other water-storing polymer products provide safe, non-toxic solutions for professionals who want to conserve water, manage erosion, control dust and more.

A full line of Deco Beads water-storing gel beads are available for retailers to sell, and florists who want to create dynamic, low-maintenance arrangements. Our commercial water/soil management solutions serve a range of markets, including: horticulture, floral, craft, holiday, agriculture, equestrian, industrial and erosion control.

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Consumer / Hobbyist

We do not sell to the general public. These specialty retailer and online retailers will ship our products directly to you.