Deco Cubes

Colorful water storing gel cubes for crafts and floral arrangements

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Water storing gel cubes

  • 6 colors to choose in the 10 oz jar
  • Each 1 oz packet makes over 1.5 quarts
    (clear only color)
  • Each 10 oz jar makes over 15 quarts
  • Swells up to more than 1 inch
photo of clear Deco Cubes in a vase
photo of Deco Cubes in glass vase

6 Standard Colors

Chart of 6 Deco Cubes colors


image of Deco Cubes 1 oz packet

Deco Cubes 1 oz packet, 24 per case, makes 1 1/2 quarts - clear only

image of Deco Cubes 10oz jar

Deco Cubes 10 oz jar, 6-ct

image of Deco Cubes 2 lb pail

Deco Cubes 2 lb pail

Videos with Mr. J Schwanke and

Deco Cubes Resources / Tech Sheets

Directions Images (high resolution) Sell sheet

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