Deco Shapes

Non-toxic water-storing hearts, stars, and shell shapes

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JRM's fabulous new line of water-storing gel shapes are the ideal accent for your creative designs. These gel shapes are non-toxic, eco-friendly, safe and easy to use.

  • Highlight any Deco Bead or Crystal Accent product
  • Float in vases for a new look
  • Ideal for holiday themed displays
illustration of a Deco Star expanding after adding water

Deco Beads and Stars

Bold color, shape and texture: Get it all in this mix of red, white and blue gel stars with Deco Bead clear gel beads. Makes 1-1/2 quarts of beads.

DS-CR: Star/Bead Combo

Deco Beads and Stars in a flower vase
Deco Beads and Stars packaging

Deco Stars

From patriotic to sports-themed displays, the gel shaped stars— in red, white and blue— make a statement, growing to 1-1/2˝ in size.

DS-R: Star Shapes

Deco Stars packaging

Deco Shapes

The 5-oz. volume-sized jars of gel shapes are ideal for use on their own or combined with other Deco Bead products for maximum versatility.

Available with Hearts, Stars, Shells and combination of all three.

Deco Shapes packaging

Deco Beads and Hearts

The Combination of clear Deco Bead gel beads and bright red gel hearts offer a host of creative display options. Makes 1-1/2 quarts of beads.

DS-CH: Heart/Bead Combo

Deco Beads and Hearts in a flower vase
Deco Beads and Hearts packaging

Deco Hearts

Add brilliant color and fun with these gel shaped hearts, which expand to 1-1/8˝ in size.

DS-H: Heart Shapes

Deco Hearts packaging

Deco Shells

Relaxed and nature-inspired, these beautiful, textured shells expand to 1-1/2˝ in water.

DS-S: Shell Shapes

Deco Shells and beads in glass flower vase
Deco Shells packaging

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