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Store More Water—Avoid the Summer ‘Burn Out'

Mid-summer heat and dry conditions test the resilience of turf, shrubs, flowers, and garden beds filled with ripening produce.

If you’re a landscape professional, maintaining the green lawns customers want despite drought can be a real challenge. Homeowners who care for their own lawns and landscapes face the same pressures, without the business demands of fulfilling clients’ expectations.

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Q&A with Soil Mosit

Q&A with the Soil Moist Pros – Jumpstart Spring Growing

Answering your questions about water savings, grower success strategies and ways to keep plants healthy while you’re away.

In many ways, February is “spring training” in the garden center and professional landscape world, with growers in full gear preparing for Mother’s Day kickoff to the plant season and contractors considering upcoming projects, backlog already building... 

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