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Hibernation Is Officially Over. There’s Work To Do—And Lots Of Ideas For Gardening Smart, Growing Success And Exploring Your Creative Side.

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Scratch an itch to get out in the garden, gain inspiration from local garden shows and put your creativity to work with decorative spring projects designed to infuse color and life into your home. Spring is sort of the equivalent of New Years for landscapers, gardeners, and growers—an entry into a fresh season for all things plants.

Ready to get started outdoors and in? Whether you’re a green thumb, nursery grower or professional landscaper, we’ve got a handy checklist of ways to march into the vernal equinox. (Speaking of which, stay tuned for our special Total Eclipse article of cool projects and inspiration for April 8.)

#1 Transplant Cool-Season Crops and Plants
Depending on where you live, March is an opportune time to transplant the cool-season crops you already started — if the spoil temperature is 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and air temperature is consistently 60 degrees or warmer. Be sure to properly prepare soil so it contains the nutrients necessary for young plants to thrive and deliver a bounty.

Soil Moist Suggestion: Many times, soils in developed landscapes that have been disturbed by construction lack beneficial fungi that helps plant roots colonize so they extend farther into the soil, which is naturally healthier for the plant. A solution is to inoculate transplanted roots with a one-two punch for planting success. Soil Moist Mycorrhizal products that contain Soil Moist water-storing polymers deliver beneficial soil organisms while also reducing plant stress and watering requirements.

#2 Boost Greenhouse Efficiency and Production Success Capture more time and manage resources wisely during early spring, a critical time for caring for plugs, minicells and seed trays that will eventually transfer to retail shelves and wholesale nurseries. And we know, labor is always a challenge, which is especially tough during this intense time. Lighten the load and minimize watering needs by half with a polymer granular soil amendment.

Another benefit: By tucking Soil Moist tags into plants, retailers will recognize the extra layer of protection that reduces their labor efforts, too, and improves customer satisfaction because of improved transplant and growth results.

>>Soil Moist Suggestion: Incorporate soil amendment fines into soil at root level and select the right formula for plants. For example, sugar-grade polymers are fairly versatile while a powder granule offers easy absorption for bare root seedlings and trees.

#3 Give Trees a Head Start and Promote Root Development
Landscape professionals can inoculate trees with “vitamins,” a process requiring drilling holes around possible bark damage and in areas where side branches once grew. Nutrients are then injected into the tree to promote healing, growth, and overall vigor.

But there is another strategy for delivering beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and healthy endomycorrhizal propagules to improve the overall plant and soil ecosystem while increasing nutrient and water uptake. Vertimulch is mixed with backfill around the tree base and then watered in — a low-maintenance solution for preserving and promoting overall tree health.

>>Soil Moist Suggestion: Use Vertimulch on all types of plants and trees with these few exceptions: Laurels, Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Avoid applying fungicides three weeks before and after Vertimulch application.

#4 Get Festive for Spring Holidays
St. Patrick’s Day revelry and an early Easter this year offer opportunities to brighten drab days with colorful, creative arrangements and DecoBeads centerpieces that double as engaging weekend projects to do with the kids. In fact, why not host a casual make-and-take event for friends, neighbors and family with a selection of DecoBeads water-storing gel beads? Incorporate the vibrant, non-toxic rounds and shapes into candle, silk and fresh flower arrangements, which last significantly longer when vases are filled with these gems.

>>Soil Moist Suggestion: Here’s everything you need to know about using DecoBeads for innovative, long-lasting centerpieces, arrangements, and craft projects.

#5 Gain Inspo at a Garden Show
Early season garden and landscape expos occur across the country to stoke an appetite for plants and outdoor living projects. By the way, Pantone’s Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz, so you can expect to see a wide selection of flowering annuals and perennials in this hue, as often growers will look toward fashion and industry trends to develop the latest plant selections.

>>Soil Moist Suggestion: Challenge yourself this season to grow a new variety or tackle a planting goal like starting a raised bed vegetable garden. Put the ideas you gather at local and regional garden shows to work. Visit us at a local trade show!

What’s in store for spring? How about “storing” more water so you can save time, money, and resources? Tell us how you use Soil Moist products at home or in your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

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