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No Hibernation for Growing Season

Bring Green Into The Home This Winter And Give Your Greenhouse A Booster Shot To Improve Growth From Cuttings

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Baby, it’s cold outside—but that shouldn’t put a damper on exercising your green thumb, growing herbs for the kitchen, creating all sorts of interesting containers brimming with plants, and finding new ways to introduce greenery to your home, especially after saying goodbye to the live Christmas tree. 

In the nursery, our growers are already thinking spring, establishing cuttings to fulfill the nursery inventory that retailers demand. There are smart strategies you can put to work to maximize productivity and output in the greenhouse, given perennial labor challenges.

And, as many of us enter the New Year with resolutions for better health and wellness, we’ll explain how thriving container plants can play a role with some pointers on selecting varieties and ensuring their success.

Forget the winter blues. We’re focused on winter greens at JRM, and we have some ideas to inspire you.

Bring the Outdoors In  If you feel stuck indoors, bring the outside in with lively, lush container plantings. From tabletop planters to generous pots that support fast-growing houseplants like fiddle-leaf fig trees, use your imagination. First, some recommendations so you can start a container out strong.

Consider light requirements: Before you choose a plant, assess the sunlight exposure in the room. Watch the spot where you plan to put the container for a few days and keep track of how much sunlight it will get. Remember, if you are planting several varieties in one container, they should have the same light and watering requirements, otherwise you’ll be uprooting and replanting before long.

Prepare the pot: Be sure there is adequate drainage—and you’ll want a saucer to capture water that leaks out the bottom since the container is indoors. Use a well-draining potting mix for container gardening that usually includes ingredients like peat moss, and vermiculite. Garden soil designed for outdoors can become compacted in containers and prevent necessary water and oxygen from accessing the roots.

Tree MoistWork Soil Moist into the potting mix to reduce plant waterings by 50% and prevent soil compaction. The environmentally friendly acrylic water-storing polymer lasts for three to five years. Just add fertilizer—rather, let us handle that part for you with Soil Moist Plus, available in various formulations as a eight- to nine-month timed release fertilizer that is potassium-based and designed for the horticultural and landscape industries. Soil Moist Spikes for existing potted plants are simple to push into the soil and deliver the same benefits, including reducing waterings by 50%.

Get creative! There are endless options, including infusing your home with a taste of spring by planting an assortment of popular bulbs like hyacinths, daffodils and tulips. Arrange several different sized containers on a tray for a display. Create a unique garden tower—we’ll show you how, along with providing some tips for lowering the maintenance requirements by incorporating Soil Moist into soil while planting.

Reap the benefits: Plants are scientifically proven to calm and sooth, improve focus and clear the air. They convert carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen and remove toxins like formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the environment. Some super cleaners include ferns, Ficus trees, bamboo palms, spider plants, snake plants, peace lilies, aloe vera, gerbera daisies and chrysanthemums. But any plant is actually a healthy choice.

Tree MoistEnlist in a Plant ‘Babysitter’ Planning a vacation this winter? You don’t have to ship your plants to the neighbor’s house if you use Soil Moist Vacation Mats. They’re a lot like a sponge, made from biodegradable cloth containing non-toxic crystals that release stored water to the soil and plant roots during an extended period of time. You can use them when you plant containers as a liner to reduce plant waterings by 50%. Or, soak the mat, which absorbs up to 2 quarts of water, place it on a baking sheet or tray, and set your container planting on top. It will “drink up” moisture as needed. They last up to three weeks, and you can store and reuse them for several seasons.

Power Up Your Greenhouse Operation Mother’s Day is the deadline. As a greenhouse grower, you’re juggling labor challenges while managing inventory demand from retailers that have their eyes on stocking plants for spring. In some regions, this means availability much sooner than May. It is possible to maximize productivity and output without spending extra money on materials.

Improve soil conditions for root growth to grow new plants from cuttings with a naturally occurring bacteria infused with an organic fertilizer. Because soil health mission critical for developing healthy plants that will make it to market, give plants a booster shot to survive transportation, the retail environment and transition to customers’ houses.

Tree Moist EZ-Root™ works on rooted and unrooted cuttings, and it can be used as a dip, soil drench or additive in hydroponic systems. Use it for all plants, flowers, vegetables and trees. This flexibility allows you to use the same product in a range of greenhouse settings.

Gain More ‘Winter Greens’ Inspiration Tap into our library of resources for guidance, ideas and news. We’re pleased to introduce our latest catalogue, and we look forward to learning how your garden grows, whether in a kitchen windowsill, landscape operation or greenhouse. Our New Year’s Resolution to you is to continue innovating and delivering on the long-standing quality of the growing Soil Moist line of products. Contact us any time.

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