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E-Z Root: Rooting Compound

E-Z Root™ is microbial based rooting compound to help grow new plants from cuttings. The natural occurring bacteria improves soil conditions for root growth. E-Z Root™ works on rooted and unrooted cuttings. It can be used as a dip, a drench in soils or as an additive in hydroponic systems.

The three strain microbial species with an organic based fertilizer is ideal for all plants, flowers, vegetables and trees. E-Z Root™ is packaged in attractive two-ounce and eight-ounce resealable bags. Detailed instructions on the back of the package helps the customers for successful plantings. Included in each package is a measuring scoop.

  • Improves Soil Conditions for Root Growth
  • Naturally Occurring Bacteria with an Organic Based Fertilizer
  • Increases Root and Plant Growth
  • For Rooted and Unrooted Cuttings
  • For All Plants, Flowers, Vegetables and Trees
  • Attractive Packaging with Consumer-Friendly Application Instructions

Download E-Z Root™ sales sheet

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