vehicle spraying turf

Applied to existing turf to reduce waterings


Soil Moist Liquid is a liquid solution-grade anionic polymer designed to increase soil porosity, minimize runoff, increase infiltration and reduce soil crusting. It is designed to be applied to existing turf surfaces to help retain moisture at the root level thereby reducing waterings and stress. Soil Moist Liquid is a cost effective, environmentally friendly water management aid, and easy to apply to existing turf.
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  • Increase moisture penetration and uniformity to the plant root zone
  • Minimize water use
  • Reduces localized dry spots (LDS)
  • Increases timing between irrigation cycles
  • Enhance turf quality
  • Improves soil infiltration
  • Aids in root system development by improving soil structure

Package Sizes/Directions

5 gallon Pail Soil Moist Liquid

Directions: See pail label

  • Use at a rate of 5-6* gallons per acre
  • Effective for up to three months

Note* Use 6 gallons per acre in more drier climates The product is best used by itself – do not mix with other chemicals. If mixed with other chemicals, perform a compatibility test before applying.