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Superabsorbent Aqueous based polymers for industry


The superabsorbent polymers (SAP) by JRM Chemical are used in several types of applications for absorbing aqueous solutions. The polymers can be used for solidifying any water based material, creating reusable ice packs, or absorbing body fluids. In industrial settings the product is used in a variety of applications from solidifying water in the drilling and mining industry to the construction industry. The polymers can be used in any application where aqueous solidification and spill management is of concern.

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Five standard grade sizes with different absorption times are available for a wide variety of applications.

The H-600 polymer is the fastest absorbing polymer in this series. The polymer immediately begins to absorb any aqueous solution on contact. Within twenty seconds the product achieves over 70% of its absorption capacity. In tap water the product will absorb up to 350 times its weight (based on a weight to weight basis). This product is used where rapid absorption is required from absorbing body fluid spills to water solidification.

The H-200 polymer is slightly slower in absorbing aqueous solutions (<5 minutes to achieve 70% absorption capacity) but can achieve an absorption capacity of 300 on tap water.

The H-400 and H-500 series polymer is slower in absorption time, but easy to apply and dispose of in its granular form.


  • Cost effective; High absoption rates, less product required per application
  • Mixes quickly to improve production efficiency
  • Lower disposal costs; less by-product to dispose
  • Lower labor costs
  • Rapid and high absorption capacities
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic
  • Can be blended with other compounds to achieve specific results
  • Approved for landfill use


Depending upon the type of application, spread the polymer as a very thin layer on the aqueous solution. Spead the product on the outer edges of the area and work towards the center. The absorbed solution can be picked up by manual or mechanical means.

  • Drilling and mining industry
  • Pond, pit and lagoon closures
  • Hazardous waste streams
  • lagoon sludge removal
  • Soil stabilization
  • Dewatering
  • Routine land waste


Soil Stabilization

oil refinery



Industrial Spills

ice pack

Reusable Polymer Ice Packs

H-200 H-300 H-400 H-500 H-600
Grade Size (microns) 50-300 100-
Absorption capacity (1) 200 300 245 215 350
Absorption capacity (2) 300 400 350 300 500
Absorption time * <5 <20 <40 <80 <1
Appearance powder powder granular granular powder

(1) Absorption based on tap water rated at 160 mg/l of NaCl

(2) Absorption based on deionized water

* (to achieve 70% of capacity, expressed in minutes)

The presence of minerals and salts in the aqueous solution will reduce the absorption capacity. For applications in high salt solutions, contact the factory for low ionicity polymers and crosslinked bisacrylamide polymers.

Custom grade sizes and packaging requirements are available; minimum quantities apply.

Contact JRM to get the right product grade SAP for your project.

Refer to technical Form #509

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