Christmas trees

Water your Christmas tree less by adding Tree Moist

Reduce Christmas tree waterings with Tree Moist and Tree Moist Plus

Tree Moist is a non-toxic polymer that is used for cut Christmas trees to reduce waterings, spills and mess. One pack (one ounce) simply mixes with water and treats a one gallon tree stand. Tree Moist Plus adds a preservative for longer-lasting fresh, lush appeal.

Slideshow of Tree Moist in use


photo of Tree Moist bags

1 oz. Tree Moist bag
2 oz. Tree Moist Plus bag

photo of Tree Moist shelf units

2 oz. Tree Moist Plus Shelf Unit
1 oz. Tree Moist Shelf Unit

photo of Tree Moist floor units

Tree Moist Floor Unit (left)
Tree Moist Plus Floor Unit (center)
SR / TMP - 50 Snow Real, 25 Tree Moist Plus (right)


Do not dispose of product down any drain
Can mix the product in the soil in a compost pile or mix in the soil for plants to help reduce waterings
(refer to Soil Moist section)

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